ExXplora Touristic Operator

Vacation Rentals.


Office: Isla María Margarita #33         Reps. for english

Fracc. Camelinas at Santiago.           Raúl Liceaga & Mayra Ontiveros

Manzanillo 28864.                                  


Ph.                        01 314 353 9434 / 01 314 138 2748

Cel/whatsapp        314 338 1819 / 314 105 2301


ExXplora offers various touristic services since 2009, backed up by the experience of its founders Raúl Liceaga and Margarita Espinoza.

ExXplora Operadora Turística since 2009


Raúl  who has over 20 years experience in the tourism branch, he was worked in great hotels like El Tamarindo Luxury Collection. Has been a tour guide, therapist and many more, specialized in costumer service. Nowaday he is a quality director and public relations.


Margarita with ample experience in customer service and  has worked in some of the best hotels in Manzanillo.

Nowaday she is our  general director in sales.


 Our great team is more than a team of employees, we are a friendly family. Our motto is to speak the truth with our clients, and give them the best customer services and make sure we are the best option for you as far as price, security and having personal attention at the time of reservation.

For spanish  Bony is our first phone contact. Marina and Mayra  our reservation associates, Raul  is who will greet you at the property, Margarita who will usually greet you on weekends. Doña More our cookers leader, Sarahi and Gris our housekeeper, another Raúl who is our technical assistant. Marco and Manuel our gardeners & pool service and Carlos our beach umbrellas service in the houses that we administer directly. 


In our other locations outside of Manzanillo we are working with staff that has heart and soul in travel, who likes to communicate with people and that can help you to enjoy your stay with us.

As a team we work together to assure you get the best service we can give you.


We are the ExXplora Family and our clients are part of our adventures...Thank you for vacationing wirth us!



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