A: ExXplora was founded in 2009. Our office location is a permanent address. We have over 9800 followers on facebook. We have our municipal license from the municipal town hall of Manzanillo, and governamental support programs.  In the Club Santiago area they know us very well as we administer some of their properties. We can also send you a receipt of what you are renting to assure you have proof before you make a deposit to us. Or if you have a family nearby, it would be our pleasure to schedule with us. Our business name is registered to Margarita Espinoza as she is the person with business activity. Raúl Liceaga is the main representative and is the person who will meet you at the properties in Manzanillo to give access 90% of the time.

Our english reps are Mayra and Raúl.

They can help you with your vacation rentals needs as we are 100% personalized. 


A:  First off we have a facebook fan page that is verified and confirms that we are authentic.

Google maps will also confirm our address in the system due to calls and extra details that allowed us to share and make public our address and photos.

All of our pics are 98% our property and includes a watermark that says EXXPLORA.COM.MX and our distinct sun image. You can search any photo and it will take you to Manzanillo or Riviera Nayarit. So that you wont be surprised when other agencies or people offer you the same photo  for a different beach. Very rarely do  those agencies have a facebook, receipts or take payments with a credit card or paypal.



A: 95% of our properties do not allow pets. Regulary we ask the size of the pet and the amount of pets so we can ask if the property owners will allow them. 

Q: What is the capacity of people per  house?

A: We count on properties that have a capacity of up to 20 people. The smaller ones start at a capacity of 6 people but we have more options for 10-12-15-17 people maximum.  We usually ask how many people will be joining so that we can best match you with a house that the best suites you and your family. We also have Villas that being combined together can hold up to 32 people.

Q: How much is the cost per person?

A: The properties all have a set price for the maximum capacity of people. In which case it´s up to you and your family to divide up the cost person as you please. Ex: A house with a maximum capacity of 12 people will still have the same price even if you are 8, 10 or 12 people. We will allways send you info on ehat best meets your needs and it´s up to you to decide on what you like best and what kind of price best meets your budget.

Q: Do the houses have a private pool?

A: Yes, all of our properties 100% have a pool. They only difference between a house and a villa is that all the houses have a private pool and the villas have a pool in a common area and is shared among the other villas.

Q: What services does the house count on?

A: The majority of our rentals includes towels and housekeeping . Other rentals include a beach umbrella, cook and a few other services with an additional cost. In each of our properties er specify the services thar are available.


A:  This is the question that 80% of our clients have . Our furthest location is 3 blocks from the beach. The majority is located at only one block or 1/2 blocks away and yes... we have some on the beach front. In other words it would take you about 3 minutes walking to enjoy the waves of our beaches.


A: At this time that you let us know you are interested in one of our properties we will send you a link with the location on google maps. We have options in the beach zone of Manzanillo, Bucerias and Sayulita.


What if we have someone with a disability?

A: We will find the best options for you as we can put you in a house with a bedroom on the ground floor or find a house with a pool with descending steps instead of a latter. And even better the option of being in a house on the beach front.

Q: Do you have beach houses?

A: Yes, we do.  Our agency offers both houses and villas on the beach front and we also offer options at a reasonable  distance from the beach. Our minimum rental is for 2 nights on low season and a minumum of 5 to 7 nights at high seasons. Very rarely do we refer you to hotels as they´re not  our main focus and in our opinion not the best way to spend your vacation as a family.

Q: How much is the cost per night?

A: The cost varies depending on the date and the amount of people. We woukd gladly give you a quote without commitment of our options that best meet your needs.

Q: Are the costs reasonable?

A: Most people want great prices but they don´t take info account the quality of the house and then on the capacity of people. The date of your vacation is also important because of dates like spring break, christmas and New Year´s  our prices are higher. 

Q: Is the  pool heated?

A: As of the moment none of our houses offer heated pools. About 40% of our clients ask for one and so we do have a couple  options that offers a heated pool and it´s a villa located  1/2 a block from Olas Altas beach and a house at Club Santiago area.

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