You probably already know that vacation rentals are becoming more popular at the time of planning your vacation and they are highly recomended.


Not only are they great for planning a vacation but also for planning a fun weekend at the beach and many other celebrations throughout the year. One of the main advantages of the rental besides the fact that it is more financially, affordable is that it offers many possibilities of location in authentic areas of Manzanillo and Riviera Nayarit with the most popular and visited beaches of the area, But, why woukd you choose a vacation rental over a hotel like most people?

Below is a list of 10 reasons why booking your next vacation in a house or villa is your best option to plan your next getaway to the beach.

1.- Different form of travel

Vacation rentals are a different form of travel because it allows you to feel like you are really living in the momento and enjoying your surroundings and vacations. You also get to really relate and know your local businesses, and even your neighboring companions also there to enjoy their vacation. You will feel as comfortable as in your own home.

3.- Ideal for families with children

The atmosphere conceived in a vacation rental is ideal for families with children because they come equipped with all the basic necessities to keep both the young and older children ocuppied in the meantime giving the adults the peace of mind to enjoy their stay without the pressure that is commom when staying in hotels.


5.- Rentals that are available for more than just a vacation

The rentals are available for you any day of the year with a minimum of two nights. In which case is perfect for a weekend away with the family or if you just want to get away and change up your routine.


7.- Who do you choose to book your rental?

As you have already noticed there are many sites where you can book vacation rentals. Aside from the difference in prices, and important feature to look for is the amount of rentals they offer and that they are located in the most attractive places closest to the beach. ExXplora Operadora Turistica offers over 50 rental options in some of the most exclusive beaches in Manzanillo. Our options are always growing and we are constantly adding new and interesting locations. You can follow us on Facebook and check out our website www.exxplora.com.mx

*Feel free to ask for a quote without commitment


9.- How to contact us and get a quote?

You can find us on our Facebook page or website and send us a message with a description of what you are looking for in your rental. Including the dates of your stay, the amount of people staying in the rental, your full name, and a phone number or WhatsApp so that one of our associates can get in touch with you and go over the options that we offer. Once we go over the details our associates will send you info of the options that best meet your vacation needs.



2.- Distrust?

The main issue leading to distrust rentals is the possibility of fraud among sites who don´t offer guarantees in which case we suggest that you always couble check there sites. If you can pay with a card, paypal not only bank deposit andif you can visit there office. We require that you take care of our rentals  so you can gain our trust and be welcome to plan your next vacation with us. As we are proffessionals witha high cultural level. 

4.- Financial savings

Without a doubt vacation rentals have a great advantage of being more financially suitable do to the ability of being able to sahre the cost among other family members or friends. It also gives big families the advantage of being able to prepare meals for themselves and saves money.


6.- Does your rental match the photos?

With ExXplora you will always be sure you are getting what you see due to the fact that we take our own photos and do not alter them to make them appear what they are not. When you arrive you will arrive at a house that has been cleaned from top to bottom to assure your comfortability. Everything has been revised and made sure is working properly although issues are not guaranteed to happen we have someone on hand to assist you in any problems you may have.

8.- How to choose your rental?

When it comes time to make a choive on which rental to choose its important to look over all the details that we send you via e-mail or WhatsApp to make sure that each house meets your vacation needs and you feel confident that you are getting what you are paying for. Based on that info you can choose the rental that best suits you and your family. You can also confirm your info by giving us a call and we will be glad to go over the details with you.

It is recommended that you reserve your rental in advance as your options quickly fill up especially for summer vacations and New Years. 


10.- Getting to know each other and becoming friends

The reason we formulate this is so that you can meet with us in person and create a friendship with us generating mutual trust and so that you and your family feel secure and welcome in your rental. With that in mind our goal is to see families sharing and enjoying great vacations together.





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